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Healthy Shaving Tips for Men with Acne

Shaving would definitely be hard for men with acne. For them, having a clear, healthy and neatly shaved skin is unachievable. But with these few proper tips below, having acne isn’t that hard to get rid of your untidy beard especially when using electric shavers.

It is very important for men with acne to have proper way of shaving so as to prevent occurrence of further skin problem. For them, it is a big challenge to have a good shaving routine with a disciplined skin care especially for those whose acne breakouts.

When you are experiencing acne at its worst with inflamed areas and breakouts, you better give it time to heal. It is not advisable to shave your face during this time. Otherwise, if you improperly run your electric shaver in your face with your acne breakouts dodging over, it can result to something horrible. That is why, you should take care of your acne first so it will not irritate your skin and to avoid further skin problems. For men who are lazy enough to handle their skin problems and invest time in caring for their skin, this would be a problem. However, this should not be.

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Exfoliating your skin is important as this will be effective in sloughing off layers of dead skin cells in your face. Doing exfoliation twice a week promotes the renewing of skin cells. With this, facial hairs can be easily pushed through. It is also important to make use of skin care products that are especially formulated for those with acne-prone or sensitive skin. Remember to use such products as directed in the label or as instructed by a dermatologist. Doing this with patience and regularly, you will find improvements in your skin and shaving will not be that hard.

Moreover, choosing a good electric shaver is also important. This is to prevent cuts or nicks in the skin and aggravating the acne. Put in mind that when you have acne, shave with the direction of the hair in order to prevent inflammation in the area.

It is best recommended to shave while in the shower. If possible, avoid using overly hot or cold water. Warm water should be used to open the pores of the skin. With this, you will have a stubble soft skin for better shaving. And most importantly, change your shaver regularly. Avoid using electric shaver with dull blades. Use only light strokes in shaving. Moisturizer can also help especially when you need dry shaving.

With these tips, shaving won’t be a big problem anymore especially when you’re having acne breakouts.

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Smegma: Should You Worry or Not?

Smegma, as we all know, is a naturally occurring result of secretions made by our genital’s sebaceous glands, combined with seminal fluids, mucous secretions from the urethra, and sloughed skin cells.

According to Dr. Ahmed, smegma serves as a lubricant that is rich in sexual pheromones; thus, it is natural and necessary. In his article “Smegma Defined & Explained by a Doctor”, Dr. Murtaza Ahmed answers reader’s questions about the biofilm called smegma.

There isn’t really anything to be worried about with smegma, except when the amount has changed. Note that any time you notice that there is a change in your regular body functioning, it is important to pay attention; this can be applied to any other health conditions.

Why the Amount of Smegma Increases?

There are many reasons as to why the amount of smegma increases.

Generally, men produce more smegma during their middle adult years. This is natural part of our aging process.

The increase in smegma production can also be attributed to the amount of physical activity you have; that is, if you sweat more (even under your foreskin), you will generally have more smegma. So for those who go to the gym, run, or those who are going out on a hot weather, increased amount of smegma isn’t alarming.

Over-doing your hygienic practices can also cause damage. It is important for you to avoid using soap under your foreskin, as it may lead to irritation. This irritation will lead to increased natural oils to keep the skin soft. What you should do instead is to rinse your genitalia with plain warm water while pulling your hood back.


In a more serious note, a sudden increase in smegma may be a sign of an existing yeast infection. If this is the case, you and your sexual partners have to be assessed for symptoms and have treatment from there. Along with increased smegma, yeast infection can cause redness, itching, and dryness of your genitalia.

Increased smegma with high glucose in the blood and urine may indicate that you have an infection, particularly fungal in nature. Thus, get checked out by your healthcare provider as this can be potentially dangerous.

Good Personal Hygiene & Smegma

Here are some important tips in keeping your genitals healthy:

  • When you are cleaning your penis, it is important that you fully retract your foreskin; however, do not force it!
  • Clean your penis with clean warm water using your clean hands.
  • Don’t use commercial soap; you may use those that are chemically formulated for the genitalia.
  • Use a clean towel and clean underwear after cleaning your penis.

How Hormones Affect Your Weight

Hormones are the body’s natural substances that stimulate and regulate various functions of the body. When these hormones are imbalanced, they pose negative effects in the body which may include weight gain. The fluctuation of hormone levels in the body may be due to various factors which include lack of exercise, stress, poor nutrition, lack of rest, and illnesses.

Effects of Hormones on Weight

Somatodrol has an effect on our weight. Hormones have specific jobs that may have an effect on weight loss. These include using fat as fuel, controlling appetite, enhancing metabolism, as well as reducing body fat percentage.

Regulating Hormones

If your goal is weight loss and hormone balance, you should limit stress which is responsible for cortisol production. Get adequate rest to have adequate melatonin levels. According to the director of the Hormone Center of New York and the author of “The Good News about Women’s Hormones”, Dr. Geoffrey Redmond, you can trick your hormones into weight loss by consuming small, frequent meals that include adequate portions of carbohydrates, fats, as well as proteins. To balance overall hormone production, you should also incorporate regular exercise to your routine.


Benefits of Hormone Regulation

There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy in taking appropriate steps in regulating your hormones and losing weight. Proper hormone regulation will not only promote weight loss, but it also helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body, reducing your blood pressure, improving energy levels, reducing pains and aches in the body, enhancing sleep and rest, improving the circulation of blood to the heart, and preventing the development of life-style induced diabetes (or Type 2 diabetes) by stabilizing blood glucose levels.

What Experts Say

According to a study conducted by the Department of Human Nutrition in Netherlands, there is a significant relationship between sex hormones and visceral fat and weight loss. In the study, women who have a lot of extra visceral fats were associated with having a reduced level of sex hormones. As they shed off pounds, the visceral fats were reduced and the study showed increased levels of sex hormones. This study, therefore, emphasizes the significance of weight management to regulate hormone levels.

How will you know if you have Hormonal Imbalance?

If you are uncertain whether you have hormonal imbalance or not, then you should see your physician. He will perform blood tests to check your hormone levels. The signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance include anxiety, dizziness, hair loss, fatigue, decreased libido, water retention, bloating, or weight gain.

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Fasting for Your Health – Is It Good or Bad?

It is indeed hard to deprive yourself from something that you want, yet fasting is beyond just self-denial. It will go against the needs of your body plus lifetime routines and so on. This self-denial is one of the reasons why fasting is used by many religions around the world, but there’s evidence that fasting, at least temporarily, can give many health benefits also.

Throughout time and all over the world, fasting has independently developed in various groups for its benefits physically and spiritually. Now, outside from the spiritual context, some physicians consider that fasting is an efficient means of decreasing cholesterol level of your body, minimizing risk for diabetes and cardiac problems, and even to the extent of making your life span longer. However, this degree of deprivation may not be healthy for everybody, and it is definitely not a good start in living well.

“Fasting is a developed method,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman says a fasting specialist and the man behind “The End of Dieting.” If a person doesn’t adhere to eating healthy foods before and after, it isn’t realistic at all.”

Going back from a stringent return to unhealthy foods is way risky than skipping the fast overall. This kind of yo-yo effect would be difficult for your body.

“Moreover, the fast itself will become more discomforting, as your body will undergo more extreme symptoms of withdrawals than if you were someone who normally consume healthy foods,” Fuhrman stresses.

These uneasy feeling like of moodiness, headaches and unable to concentrate are usually associated to hunger by those fasters who don’t  have experience, and would give you grounds to never ever fast again.

However, some studies have determined that these symptoms come from the alterations in the brain caused high-fat and high-glucose intake. When you abruptly cut your consumption of those food types and without caution, crisis will be experienced by your body.

But for people who are living healthy already, the prospective advantages that fasting would bring come in numerous – cardiac benefits, extending lifespan and more.

As you do fasting, or don’t take in food for several hours to several days period, your body starts to burn digested food as fuel to burning energy stored. Primarily, muscle is included; the process is referred as ketogenesis – using muscles instead of ketone which is a byproduct of fats. This is termed as the catabolic stage and this is when your body starts to reap the benefits that fasting brings.

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“Lesser exposure to calories and fasting episode is said to increase the longevity of all kinds of animals,” says Fuhrman. “The longer we spend in the state of catabolic, the longer our life span would be.”

Intermitted fasting has also been seen to prolong the lifespan of animal for up to 42% and decrease cancer risk. Even though research never stops, these results haven’t yet duplicated in human researches.

But, we aren’t sure that fasting can benefit the heart. Significantly changing cholesterol levels in blood that reduce heart disease risks. There’s also evidence that it can fight off obesity, lower blood pressure, lessen the risk of type 2 diabetes and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

There are more to these information about fasting that you will know, you can visit Healthy-Approach.com and see some other ways to keep yourself healthy with or without starving yourself.

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Juicing for a Healthier You

Eat your veggies! Aren’t you getting tired being told to eat your vegetables? It’s my personal experience that people who are overweight or obese don’t get to enjoy eating vegetables. Furthermore, it takes time to prepare this kind of food and sometimes, chewing can even be a hassling thing if you are on the hurry.

Well, there’s a good solution for those looking to boost their health and look – and can even lose weight in a naturally healthy and safe method.

As you squeeze out the juice of vegetable and fruit, you get a concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes out from it. Hence, nowadays when you have neither the drive or time to consume your vegetable, 3-4 juices each day can guarantee that you will get more amounts of nutrients that you would if only you gave vegetables a pass in general.

Advantages of Juicing

Some people see juicing as a weight loss solution too. Definitely, juicing brings a lot of benefits.

First on the list, you provide your digestive tract a rest including the intestines, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas and liver thus your body has the time to lay its energy, aside from digesting, it goes with recovery, healing and elimination.

On this process, your cells have the time to also catch up with their work. They can detoxify and heal themselves. For some, they feel revitalize, clarity of body and mind and a much clearer complexion.

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Take note that juicing and fasting are not the same. Don’t ever mix these two. Fasting is the act of the not consuming any food but water only. While in juicing, you still give your body the nutrients it needs from freshly-squeezed fruits and veggies. For many people, this alleviates the issue of protein breakdown that they experience when fasting.

Certainly, if you are concern of muscle tissue and protein breakdown, some juicers suggest adding on soy milk or brown rice milk to nourish yourself for added amino acids. Remember, though that high-protein diets and powders also generate build-up of more toxins.

The juicing regime duration has an integral part too. Juicing should be slowly launched – 1, 2, 3 days to start with. Plus of course, the juice type you drink is the key.  Juices in plastic bottles aren’t similar as freshly prepared juices that are quickly consumed after squeezing.

Drinking prepared juices rather than the freshly-squeezed ones won’t make you get all the healthy benefits that you are searching for. This is due to the fact that on order to store the juice, it should undergo pasteurization.

Pasteurization process kills germs and bacteria so to preserve the product and make it more durable, hence making an ideal product ready to ship all over the world. The downside is that pasteurizing milk sometimes destroys essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes that would otherwise aid your body to harvest the healthy advantages as per expert have discovered

For many people who are living in areas where there’s a culture of healthy lifestyle, getting a juice of your own may not be needed at all. Surely, you will find stores or delis that have juices – an affordable and convenient option, even when you are on the rush. But for those who want to make healthy juices for themselves, juicers and best blender for smoothies are widely available in different shopping centres.

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The 2015 Guidelines on Daily Diet

If the 2015 US Dietary guidelines were to be adopted, it could have a major impact on one’s cardiac health, obesity reduction, and diabetes risk.

A physician and founder of the NutritionFacts.org, Michael Greger, spoke with the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and said, “Probably the most radical recommendation to come out of this committee — something that no committee has done previously — is to cap added sugar to 10 percent of the daily diet.”

Although this contains more sugar than the recommendations of American Heart Association, it is still quite the cut according to Greger.

21 Day Fix review

“That’s about 10 or 12 teaspoons. You get around 5 percent; you can’t even have a can of soda,” he added.

According to scientific report made by the committee, a healthy diet contains high amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat and nonfat dairy products, seafood, as well as legumes and nuts. For adult individuals, it contains moderate amounts of alcohol. It also recommends low amounts of red and processed meats, as well as low sugar-sweetened foods and drinks, and refined grains.

“It’s not just about reducing certain foods but also shifting to healthier options, like replacing saturated fats with polyunsaturated fatty acids,” according to the committee.

The manager of wellness nutrition services of Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, Kristin Kirkpatrick believes that the guidelines have positive influence on the diet, and the recommendations are based on extensive research.

The effects of the new guidelines are widespread as the standards of the school lunch change and the nutrition labels on food will have revised daily values. Moreover, experts think that these recommendations will increase the pressure on the food industry, particularly the food manufacturers, restaurants, and other food vendors, to sell healthier food products.

Vegetable & Fruits

This food group, the 21 Day Fix review noted, has always and always will be the most beneficial among the food groups since it helps improve health outcomes. “For heart disease, certain foods are good; for diabetes, certain foods are good; for hypertension, certain foods are good,” says Greger. Fruits and vegetables actually help in preventing what he mentioned and there aren’t any limits as to how much of those items should be eaten in a day for the entire lifetime.


According to the committee, the American diet lacks certain essential nutrients. Among them are calcium Vitamin D, fiber, and potassium; as they are said to be associated with public health concerns. Whole grains are actually excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber.


Diary is the number one source of calcium. But, Greger is concerned regarding the type of dairy food people will choose. Although skim milk and low-fat dairies are healthy, the food industry will still continue to produce dairy products that contain high amounts of fat, including ice cream and butter.


Food for the Brain

The brain stores a lot of memories, ideas, and information. It coordinates all the functions of the body and generates our thinking. Our brain plays a vital role in our daily living, so it is difficult when the brain shows lapses that make a person forget things all the time and unable to focus or concentrate. The brain, like our body, should be well taken care of.

Studies have shown a correlation between high blood sugar and increased risk of dementia. One study published in England shows that people with higher blood sugar are at a significantly higher risk of dementia. Researchers believe that insulin resistance in people with high blood sugar affects brain cells. Higher blood sugar levels also correlate to brain shrinkage.

One consistent message across most diets these days is to take carbohydrates sparingly. This is the same for our brain’s health. The dietary approach involves reducing free radicals and inflammation through the body. Specifically in the brain, inflammation causes damage to brain cells and may interfere with cognitive function.


“Inflammation is the cornerstone of everything that goes wrong with the brain,” says Perlmuttler. Research shows that the good bacteria lining the gut contribute to regulating the exchange of signals between the gastrointestinal tract and other organs of the body and also the CNS.

Refined carbohydrates like white bread incite inflammation by firing up proteins like cytokines, while whole carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes fight inflammation. Because the brain is composed of fatty tissues, it is necessary to take out healthy fats from your diet. Examples of this are salmon, coconut oil, and red meat. According to one scientist, one way of sustaining the good condition of the brain is to modify dietary intake.

There is strong evidence that taking Mediterranean diet is good for the health, especially for the brain. Food rich in omega 3, which is found in fatty fish and lean meat such as chicken and turkey, is good for the brain.

It is important to choose a plant-based diet. A diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in good fats is a recommended diet to protect the brain from damage. Eating on time also helps in preventing brain damage. When the brain is deprived of sugar, the brain can no longer function efficiently. It causes the brain to starve.

Food supplements for the brain can also help in restoring brain function. One good example of a food supplement that nourishes and protects the brain is neuroflexyn. It heightens your memory and concentration by accelerating the metabolic process it undergoes. Neuroflexyn also protects the neurons from any damage, restoring neurotransmitters that are broken down during the day.

Keep yourself healthy. Cultivate your body and mind for a better and efficient you.

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TTM Sufferer finally has Long Hair

Cheryl Mitchell, 33, struggled who struggled with the NHS for 13 years over her hair pulling disorder, finally experienced having a long hair for the very first time. She suffered from a disorder called trichotillomania (TTM), which made her unable to stop herself from pulling out her hair.

Although TTM was recognized as a disorder by the NHS, Cheryl still struggled in terms of diagnosis and treatment through the health service.

However today, as she already started therapy, she was able to have a head full of hair. She is grateful for the treatment that involves putting on hair extensions that are stitched to a net that secured her natural hair; thereby, protecting her scalp and allowing her hair to grow long.

“It’s hard to style, I’ve got a problem keeping my fringe looking natural, but it’s doing what I wanted it to. I’ve had it tightened once as my hair was growing so much it’s pushed it loose,” said Cheryl. Her hair is now approximately 1 inch and a half longer than it has been for so many years.

“My hair’s growing out so fast, I’m going to have to have it adjusted every 3 weeks, usually it’s every 4 to 6. Obviously being a bit of a perfectionist it can bug you. I’m getting to feel a bit like I want to take it off. But really, I do want my hair back.”

According to her, she struggles when she her head itches. As she tries to fight her impulse, she describes it as having a cast on her arms.

Emy Hassan of The Hair Confidante gave her the treatment. Aside from trichotillomania sufferers, she also helps treat people who are going through chemotherapy, and those who suffer from alopecia. Being able to see how a new hair mean to other people makes her feel great.

Emy said, “It’s amazing, I do hair extensions as well, but it’s more rewarding when I’m doing the replacement systems for women with hair loss. The pictures I took of Cheryl, the smile on her face, the confidence she has, her personality, she’s a lot more open about herself, you can visibly tell.”

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Trichotillomania affects approximately up to 4% of the population, according to NHS.

Emy further added that although the hair system helps a lot, it doesn’t solve the problem itself.

“TTM is quite common, but not a lot of girls come out about it, and a lot of GPs aren’t educated on it. The hair system does help, but they need the emotional support, the cognitive behavioral therapy, it all helps, it’s a combination of things.”

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Things you Need to Know about Vaping and E-cigarettes

The very official policy suggestion of e-cigars or electronic cigarettes has been issued by the American Heart Association recently, telling that these are the last medium of stopping traditional smoking of cigarettes. It was also pointed from the studies recommending that e-cigars which only has nicotine instead of tobacco, could act as a “gateway” drug to young people who are addict, who are smoking cigarettes regularly or perhaps smokeless tobacco. Despite of its popularity, a lot of people still have questions over this e-cigs and the potential health risks associated with it.

E-cigarettes are battery controlled inhales which has a cartridge called as cartomizer, rechargeable battery and LED that will light at the end every time you puff the device. The heart associations also consider the fact of having e-cigarettes to go through an agency review as a prerequisite of the Food and Drug Administration.

Volcano vaporizer

On the other hand, vaping means the act of inhaling water vapor with the use of a personal vaporizer or electronic cigars. As users draw on such device, the battery will heat the liquid which will then be atomized to a vapor ready to inhale. One great example of which is the Volcano vaporizer.

Electronic cigarettes are different from the traditional ones since they don’t have carcinogens like vinyl chloride and arsenic. Moreover, vaping has no second hand smoke connected with it.

There are around 466 brands and 7,700 flavors and more available in the market, in accordance with the policy report. There’s an average of 10 fresh brands launching in the market in a monthly basis for the last 2 years based on the recent web survey.

Since vaping is relatively new in the society, its long-term effects haven’t yet evaluated and analyzed.  A tobacco expert from Boston University School of Public Health Michaek Siegel said, “as long as e-cigarettes are utilized mainly to aid stoppage of smoking and not to encourage the young people to smoke, they would be of great advantage to the general public’s health.

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Reviews on Supplements for Workout

Hitting the gym can be difficult when you are tired and over-fatigued. Many athletes make use of powders that are mixed with water which should be taken half an hour before working out. However, it is important to note that they are performance-improving substances that aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — as of now.

Most pre-workout supplements are marketed as an energy or endurance booster for workouts. In fact, some people may attest to efficacy of these products through reviews. But, the best pre workout supplement review would always come from those who know more about their effects to our body — and these people are the health professionals.

Dr. Christopher Balgobin of Fairview Clinics said, “They all tend to have the same thing. One is beta alanine, which is great for dilation of blood vessels, and dilation is great for when you exercise; because it gives you great aerobic capacity. It brings blood through the heart.”

“The other one is alpha keto-gluatarate. Another one is a vasodilator. It helps you really get pumped up,” he added.

best pre workout supplement review

Caffeine is another main ingredient of these supplements. For which he said that some of the products contains caffeine that is equivalent to 3 cups of coffee; some products, in fact, have caffeine for 20 cups of coffee.

It is important to note that too much caffeine may put yourself at risk for heart problems, insomnia, and you are at increased risk for stroke.

The most controversial ingredient in some pre workout supplements is 1-3 dimethylamylamine or DMAA.

According to Balgobin, “1-3 dimethylamylamine is essentially like Adderall or Ritalin in legalized form. The supplement is available over the counter still. It was banned by the government to be used in the military, and some professional groups do test for this as a legal substance. What it does: it helps you with focusing and energy… I like to be frank: it’s crack. It gets you really just gone.”

According to Christina Meyer-Jax, a registered dietitian, you should stay away from those chemicals.

Meyer-Jax said, “The tough part about some of them that are out there is that they contain both vasodilators and central nervous system or cardiac stimulants.” When these substances are used in combination, it can increase the workload of your heart, thereby increasing your blood pressure.

She suggests that a good workout should always be combined with natural foods.

She said, “What you’re really looking for is carbohydrates, you’re looking for protein and you are definitely looking for some solid. Your body is going to need all of those things to fuel a really good workout.”

Whether pre workout supplements are safe or not is still being studied. However, according to Balgobin, they can be okay when used in moderation; in fact, he uses them himself. He says that if you are planning to take them, you must not consume or mix them with other caffeine-containing products like coffee, tea, or energy drinks. He also suggests that you should consult your doctor first to ensure that it would be safe for you to take them.